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In 2017-2022 China's packaging industry development present situation and development trend of investment prospect analysis report

  • Publish Time: 2017-08-17
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Packaging industry the development level of a country and its research and development of packaging design idea, is the country's economic life an important symbol of civilization degree.Packing industry not only covers the product design, production, packaging and printing, packaging materials supplies, packaging machinery and packaging equipment manufacturing, and other production areas, its first to third packaging products are involved in the industry, every link the circulation of goods.After the use of packaging products for disposal, recycling, and recycling is an industrial packaging permanent social responsibility.Therefore, the development of packaging industry is closely related to the global economic integration and the sustainable development of human society.Packaging industry as a "sunrise industry", will spread to the global development and product manufacturing international circulation role cannot be underestimated.

       Since China's reform and opening up, Chinese packaging industry developing rapidly, China packaging industry's overall output increased from 2003 in 280.6 billion yuan to 1.4658 trillion yuan in 2013, the compound annual growth rate of about 17.98%. The gross value of industrial output 1.48 trillion yuan, in 2014 the national packaging packaging become second only to the United States, the world's second superpower.

       China has already formed the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the bohai sea three packing belt.The rapid development of the three packing belt and driving the development of the surrounding areas of industry, including henan, shanxi, anhui, jiangxi, hubei, hunan, the six provinces in central China packaging industry and the rapid rise in the economic tide.

        As China's rapid economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life, the microwave food, leisure food and frozen food such as demand for convenience foods will continue to increase, which will directly lead to related food packaging requirements, China food and packaging machinery in the future a period of time will maintain positive growth.Future of circular economy is expected to become the main mode of packaging industry, packaging waste recycling utilization of resources, will implement the industrialization and green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and development base, packaging industry will also speed up the development.

       Report purpose and value

       This report mainly according to the national bureau of statistics, the ministry of commerce, general administration of customs, the national development and reform commission, the state council development research center, China packaging federation, China packaging technology association, China's economic prosperity monitoring center, China packaging net, packaging in China and published related magazines and newspapers published both at home and abroad information released, and professional research institutions and to provide the basis of the large amount of data.

      This packaging industry report, current situation of the development of packaging industry of our country and the market prospect, market competition and the situation, the profit level and enterprise development, investment strategy and risk early warning, and conduct the thorough research to the development trend and planning Suggestions, etc, and analyses the market situation of packaging industry and related industries and development trend of the present stage in China's packaging industry are faced with the problem, and some frontier strategy.Anticipation for our packaging enterprises in market competition, according to the market demand in a timely manner to adjust business strategy, as a strategic investor to choose the appropriate investment timing and company leaders to do strategic planning provides the accurate market intelligence information and scientific decision basis, at the same time also has a great reference value for bank credit department.

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